Are you one of the many people dreading the summer heat? Here’s a few ideas to give your home a cool vibe without having to double your electric bill.

Shut all the windows and doors in your home. By shutting the windows and doors, your allowing cool air to be trapped inside your home similar to a greenhouse. By opening windows, warm air is able to seep through and cause your home to be almost twenty degrees warmer.

Change your ceiling fan rotation. Theres all kinds of ways to avoid air conditioning. If you set your ceiling fans to counter clockwise at a high speed it will create an effect, which causes guests to feel cooler. This trick will not only impress your guests, but also save some money as well.

Buy and use high efficiency air conditioners accordingly. If it’s 70 degrees outside, chances are you don’t need to be running your air conditioner. Pay attention to the temperature outside and don’t waste precious energy that could be used towards a 90 degree day. Also, when choose an air conditioner make sure you pick with that saves energy when it is and isn’t being used.

Use your grill and cook outside. Want to eat healthy without messing up your kitchen? Using the stove and other appliances create heat waves throughout your home. By using and grilling food outside, your not only saving a huge mess, but keep the heat out. Try finding some recipes online like fajita chicken kebobs or smokey grilled potato wedges and be creative!