Many Americans cannot go through their day without their morning cup of Joe. However, allow yourself a second thought before tossing those coffee grounds! You may not have known that you can recycle coffee grounds to use around your house!

1. Kitchen Cleaner

Coffee grounds can be used to scrape off food that is stuck onto kitchen appliances and countertops. Since the coffee grounds are considered to be abrasive, you can mix them with a wet rag and gently scrub your kitchen!

2. Bug Repellent

Plants are a beautiful addition to a patio or deck, however many time they attract bugs within their soil. Leaving just a small amount of coffee grounds at the bottom of your plants can steer these pests away!

3. Fridge Odor Eliminator

Similar to baking soda, coffee grounds take in stinky food odors in your refrigerator. Take a cup of the coffee grounds covered with plastic wrap and leave it in the back of your fridge for a few weeks and then replace!

4. Fertilizer

Coffee provides plants with the extra nitrogen, potassium and magnesium that they need to grow. Combine brown leaves with your coffee grounds as a base for your plants and your garden will look as beautiful as ever!