Many sellers come across common mistakes when they are going through the sales process of their home. Some may include:

1. Getting caught up in emotions.

Selling a home may be an emotional process. It helps to remember it’s a financial transaction; you’re selling your home, not the memories you made in it.

2. Overpricing the home.

It may be tempting to overprice the home, especially if you’ve made improvements. However, overpriced homes may sit on the market longer than they would if they were priced properly.

3. Expecting buyers to pay the asking price.

Buyers will attempt to negotiate a better deal unless you live in a seller’s market where bidding wars are common.

4. Not taking listing photos.

More than 44 percent of buyers search for homes on the web first, making your home’s listing photos the first impression they’ll have.* Make sure your photos are clear and show your home in its best light.

5. Hiding issues.

Buyers have the option of hiring a home inspector to look at the home before they buy it. Any issues will be revealed during this inspection, and, as a result, your buyers may walk away from the deal unless you repair them before the transaction goes through.

With an experienced agent on your side, you will conquer these common mistakes! If you are ready to dive into the selling process, give us a call. We will make sure everything runs smoothly with a stress-free transaction.