Has your home been on the market for an extended amount of time and you can’t figure out why? Often, homeowners forget that buyers care most about overall appearance and first impressions. If you’re having a hard time decorating your home, check out a few tips on staging.

Say Goodbye to Clutter. One of the biggest issues in real estate is that buyers are often convinced initially whether they like it or not. Once they look around and see something they don’t like, they check it off their list. Usually, people have too much furniture and not enough space when selling their home. Less furniture and clutter allows homes to look more open and put together. Not only will you feel relieved, but removing excess furniture may get you the sale you’ve been looking for.

Use Paint Colors to Transform a Room. Sometimes, all a room needs is a fresh coat of paint. Walk into any room in your home and stare at the paint color. Ask yourself, is the color neutral? Does it blend with the rest of the home? Could I use a better, more exciting color to bright up a specific room? Sometimes, adding a darker color to places such as the dining room or living room can make your home seem more intimate, as other rooms could benefit from a unique patterned wallpaper on one section of the wall.

Make Small Changes to Your Kitchen. If you don’t feel like remodeling your entire kitchen, focus on the small details. Changing door hinges and knobs can make cabinets look contemporary without the cost of having to buy new ones.

Focus on Flooring. If you have some extra money and are your looking to invest in your home before you sell it, focus on the flooring. Hardwood floors are one of the biggest and most desired items when homebuyers are looking to purchase a home. Rip up old carpeting and polish your wood floors in order to give your home a fresh feel.