Looking to have an exciting gathering for family and friends this Fourth of July holiday? Check out a few ways to impress your guests this holiday season.

1. Create some DIY Decorations In order to make your get-together festive, start by adding some unique and exciting decorations. Take the time to create items such as mason jar luminaries. Take an old mason jar and clean it out. Next, grab some red and blue paint at your nearest craft store. Decorate the jars to your liking with stars and stripes, making sure some parts of the jar stay clear. Stick a candle in each and let the jars light up your patio or use them as a beautiful centerpiece.

2. Play the Right Music. During your gathering, you want your guests to be in an outgoing, fun mood. Don’t let your guests become gloomy and sad with boring music. Play some upbeat or country music to keep the crowd on their feet and in good spirits.

3. Red, White and Tasty Everyone loves enjoying some delicious food from the grill with a nice, ice-cold beverage. Impress your guests by whipping up some themed cupcakes with red, white and blue fruit like strawberries, coconut and blueberries. You can even make a rectangular cake and turn it into the american flag! Also, make sure you have a themed, easy cocktail for guests to drink and enjoy.

4. Fireworks! One of the best parts of the Fourth of July are the constant view of fireworks at night. Make sure your guests have a view of the sky, in order to maybe see some colorful sparks in the air!