While buyers may not have cited the following features as ones the specifically look for in a home, they are ones that are appreciated. Most buyers, especially first-timers, find added value in a home with the following:

An updated kitchen.

If your kitchen hasn’t been updated in years, a minor renovation may be in order. For a minor update, paint the walls and replace lighting and cabinet fixtures to present a fresh look.

An updated bathroom.

As with the kitchen, a dated bathroom is a drawback for many buyers. You don’t have to break the bank; updating the sink, toilet and shower or bathroom fixtures will go a long way in giving it a modern look.

An open floor plan.

Whether they intend to entertain guests or simply want to keep an eye on the kids while they cook, many buyers (especially millennials) are attracted to an open floor plan. If your home has an open floor plan, play it up. Otherwise, look into taking down non-load-bearing walls if you’d like to create a larger space.

A home office.

Americans are working from home now more than ever. Even if the buyers aren’t planning on working from home, a home office creates a space where buyers can pay bills or plan for work. It can also double as a guest bedroom.

A wireless security system.

Safety is important. A wireless home security system is one of the top technology features buyers would like to have in their new home.